The development of automobile has caused many social problems with parking and garaging cars especially in big urban areas. The necessity of supplying enough parking places near to city centers, shopping malls, big companies and airports result from legal regulations and urban development policy.

It is essential that properly designed parking areas and garages enable the city to function. The first systems of mechanical parking were introduced in the USA in 1930s. Their origin resulted from a rising demand for parking areas and high prices of land in big city centers. At present, mechanical parking systems controlled by computers, it is possible to park or get one vehicle within 40-120 seconds which is only 30-90 cars per hour.

  We, Dongsung Parking & Parts Co., Ltd., found 1992, developed Puzzle parking system  and developed Tower parking, Square parking and Pit  2 stage and 3 stages puzzle parking system and developed Cart parking, Mini Rotary parking, Level parking and developed Round type parking in 2009.

  We have a lot of experience for development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance for mechanical car parking system for not only domestic turnkey project but overseas turnkey project

 In today, cars are changing every minute of the day. From new designs to functions there is always something new that comes out in the market for the customers more conveniently. The constant improvement of technology allows customers additional safety, comfort, value and much more.

  We are always providing parking system with newest and most advanced technical solutions based on flexibility and new ideas. Our parking system have characteristic such important basic principles, state-of the-arts knowhow and creative technologies.